Connect through
food and tech

Meet people from different age groups
and learn new skills for FREE!

Come on in

  • Make a cooking video
  • Meet new people
  • Choose a recipe
  • Cook together
  • Film yourselves cooking
  • Eat together
  • Edit cooking videos
  • Create recipe webpage
  • Blog about your experience
  • Share your recipes
  • Watch everyone’s videos

Consume skills in bite-size portions


A little about us

Bite Buddies brings younger and older people in Croydon closer together through fun food and tech workshops, one bite at a time.

More about you

Being a bite buddy means you’ll…

Gain essential cooking skills and tips
Learn new digital skills to keep up with today’s technology
Challenge your teamworking and communication skills

Be a bite buddy

Latest project: ‘Make your own cooking video’


  • Madeehah Reza

    Madeehah Reza

    I have learnt so much and have made some great friends, with people from all different backgrounds.

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  • Jenny Clarke

    Jenny Clarke

    My daughter and I both thoroughly enjoyed the cooking session. We both found it a fun challenge from start to finish.

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  • Cerine Borland

    Cerine Borland

    I was very happy with the taste and end result!

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  • Jadian Sobodu-Felix

    Jadian Sobodu-Felix

    My dish was so yummy, that my mum asked me to make it again.

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  • Ellie Barnett

    Ellie Barnett

    Mum and I had an awesome time making our perfect paella!

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  • Jasmine Tagger

    Jasmine Tagger

    It was funny cooking with my bite buddy because he kept eating all the ingredients. He said we had too much chocolate, so he ate some!

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Go on, get creative!

When choosing your recipe, editing your videos
or creating your web page.

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